Modern Rustic Furniture: Ideas and Inspirations

Among the different furnishing styles, the modern rustic furnishing is probably the one that more than the others puts the finishing in the centre, making everything else take second place: the materials will in fact be the real protagonists of the space, since they will cover not only the furnishings but – above all – the structure of the house.

Precisely for this reason, in order to achieve it, there must be an initial far-sighted project that includes a particular attention to fixtures, coatings, and details useful to recall the rustic furniture of our dreams. With this post I will give you some ideas to furnish your home in this style from the project to the detail.

Natural Wood

The thing that most distinguishes the rustic style from the industrial one is the massive presence of wood: as we well know among all the materials, in fact, it is the one that gives more warmth inside a space, making it less urban and closer to nature. Those who choose this style for interior design love in fact the more “honest” side of the material, the more raw and less finished, for this reason the wood chosen for their furniture should never be treated or lacquered to avoid any alteration of its natural state. The ideal is therefore to choose raw elements for tables, shelves and shelves that show the true essence of the wood, its veins and defects that tell the story.

The Structure Is Important

Before I spoke of “far-sighted” renovation because often it is the structure of the house that makes its style rustic. Try to think of an environment with exposed beams, a kitchen in masonry or maybe a stone wall: at this point the furniture will go almost into the background because the style will be dictated entirely by the envelope, and we will be free to insert modern furniture to create a perfect contrast while remaining absolutely consistent. But it’s not just about structural elements: often it’s the small details that make the difference! An example? The choice of door and window handles. I recommend choosing them in aged iron or burnished brass to leave nothing to chance (even for doors and drawers). They are often found at antiques markets, but also online there are some beautiful ones. Even the plates and switches can help us to create the rustic furniture we want, just choose wood finishes that fit perfectly into the rustic style.

Concrete Floor

With all these important elements such as the raw wood, the exposed stone and the beams, it is good to remain as neutral as possible when it comes to choosing the floor to be laid to lighten the environment and give breath to the view. A concrete floor therefore gives the perfect “modern” touch, not to mention that it helps to make all the other materials communicate with each other, giving cohesion to the entire space.

Industrial Lamps

Often it is precisely the lamps that define the style of our interiors the most! To recreate the rustic “modern farmhouse” style furniture, I always recommend choosing lamps with an industrial mood, such as old lanterns or enamelled aluminium suspensions with a more contemporary and minimalist mood.

Textile Raw

Raw textures, neutral colours and the almost total absence of patterns are essential elements when it comes to choosing fabrics for your home in a modern rustic style! The secret is always the same: to be inspired by nature and its imperfections, preferring linen, cotton and jute for accessories such as tablecloths, curtains and bed linen.

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