Houses For Renovation: How to Evaluate the Necessary Works

A house to renovate is an opportunity to improve your well-being and give yourself the maximum comfort. It requires attention, foresight and a pinch of patience.

To renovate a house is advisable to plan from the beginning the essential interventions, so as not to come across inaccuracies and errors dictated by haste and approximation. To do this, it is necessary to have a clear idea of the work to be done, to know what it consists of and what it means for the entire house. One of the priorities to be imposed to renovate your home is therefore to play in advance, optimizing time and costs.

If you don’t know where to start with the demolition of the walls, the change of the flooring, the installation of a new electrical system and the rest of the main works to be examined, this guide will help you to clarify the process and will give you some useful ideas for renovating the house. Let’s get started!

With the help of an architect you can first think of redefining the spaces of your home, to balance the environments and optimize the surface area available. An extra bathroom, the largest living area … are decisions to be considered also in relation to any interventions to the plumbing and electrical system, as redistributing the rooms offers the opportunity to rethink both the arrangement of the electrical outlets and that of the connections to the water system.

As far as the electrical system is concerned, when you include in your list of renovation works also its remaking in function of a new distribution of the rooms, and you are attracted by the idea of a smart home, you could take advantage of it to create a smart system, which will simplify and make more comfortable the daily life in your new home. Living Now will allow you, for example, to remotely control lights, shutters and electrical outlets (with related power consumption) via smartphones, tablets and voice assistants, even remotely thanks to a dedicated app.

Moving instead to the plumbing, the work is to be taken into account based on the state of the pipes, as well as any rethinking on the distribution of the premises.

After the plumbing, point your eyes downwards. Are you planning to replace the floor? Don’t just consider the aesthetic factor, but also the state of integrity. If it is to be removed, consider replacing it with a resistant, neutral-coloured material, which in the long run will not tire your eyes and will not compromise your furnishing choices. A light floor gives space to your spaces, a dark floor is recommended for rooms furnished with bright colors and light walls.

Alternatively, consider a practical and effective solution, namely to leave existing floors by applying a new floor on top of it (floating floors). Consider also the possibility of working the surfaces with special treatments, as in the case of parquet and marble. If you choose to renovate it instead, you can choose with resin, cement, stoneware, wood, linoleum, ceramics or a mosaic.

Finally, it’s time to think about the windows and doors of your new home. You may wonder how much it is worthwhile to restore the existing ones. To understand this, you need to answer a question: do they adequately protect your home? If not, change them with more durable, durable solutions that are in tune with the furnishings. For a combination of aesthetics and functionality, do not forget that windows and doors insulate your home, which is why it is advisable to adopt solutions that improve the thermal insulation of the house.

Is everything clear? Well, you just have to start!

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