Home Renovation 2019: Guide to Bonuses and Deductions

There is good news for those who want to renovate the house and especially for those who would like to contain a bit ‘expenses. The budget law 2019 in fact extended important tax deductions on the Irpef (personal income tax), for those who make expenses in work involving the installation of energy-saving systems and aimed at improving the building’s thermal insulation. The reimbursement obtained (in ten years) can reach up to 65% of the expenditure made on the purchase of products or services.

Tax Deductions for House Renovation, What Does the Law Foresee?

The measures concern the energy requalification of existing buildings, interventions on the envelopes (roofs, floors, external walls or facing unheated rooms, as well as windows including frames), installation of solar panels, replacement of winter air conditioning systems, solar shading, heating powered by biomass fuels, furniture and appliances.

Living Now, if combined with a thermoregulation plant, is part of the bonus. With the central unit and the multimedia part connected, the energy management of the house becomes fully automated. The heating or cooling systems will be modular room by room and the constant monitoring of consumption will help for a precise management of energy, allowing you to improve the energy class, with a real saving on bills. You can control all this with your smartphone or tablet.

Home Renovation Bonus: What Documentation Does it Take to Take Advantage of the 2019 Deductions?

The Budget Law 2019 (n.145 of December 30, 2018) extended until December 31, 2019 the tax deduction (from IRPEF and IRES) for the energy requalification of buildings.

The documents to be submitted for the request are invoices or receipts that describe the nature of the product and the quality and quantity of goods and services purchased, in addition to those certifying payment, then: receipt of the transfer and receipt of the transaction, for payments by credit or debit card, documentation of debit on the current account.

The application must be sent to the Ente Nazionale Efficienza Energetica (ENEA) and is valid for investments made by 31 December 2019 (the reliefs are valid for those who have documentation dated 1 January 2016 until the deadline).

Before dealing with the procedure for deductions, it is advisable to visit the website of the Revenue Agency by reading the special guide for the renovation of the 2019 house.

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