Energy Redevelopment: What it is and What it Includes

Have you ever heard of energy redevelopment?

In view of building or plant works in your home, to file where possible the costs to be incurred, it is useful to know all the incentives from which you can benefit. If you are therefore in the process of renovating your home, this article is for you.

First of all, let’s be clear about what energy redevelopment is. It is a series of interventions aimed at improving the energy performance of a building. You will therefore have a reduction in the amount of energy used in the house and consequently a lower expenditure on the bill, without forgetting the advantage for the environment, thanks to the reduction of pollutant emissions. Energy and economic savings in a single solution.

Let’s see now why doing renovation work to improve energy efficiency is worthwhile.

For example, those who want to replace air conditioning systems or improve the thermal insulation of their homes can take advantage of incentives of 50% or 65%, depending on the type of intervention carried out. The installation of solar panels is also one of the deductible interventions. It should be noted that this is only possible in existing buildings.

So, if you need to insulate your home, change the boiler, restore the floors or windows, install multimedia devices for remote control of the systems in your home, you can take advantage of deductions for the purchase and / or installation, depending on the individual interventions.

Who can take advantage of the deductions for energy requalification interventions?

Among the beneficiaries of the tax relief there are private individuals, condominiums, associations, public and private bodies. However, it is always advisable to rely on an expert in the field, an engineer or an architect, who can supervise the work and above all certify that they comply with the technical requirements.

For those who made the expenditure in 2018 and 2019, the facility can be applied for by 31 December 2019. The deductible expenses include the costs of labor, energy-saving work and obtaining the required energy certification.

All you have to do is hire an expert to carry out an energy audit and agree on the energy refurbishment of your home.

After that, how do you keep your energy consumption under control? The installation of Living Now in its connected version will help you to monitor the amount of energy consumed in the home, regulate its use and avoid waste. Less consumption, more savings, more well-being!

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