Modern Rustic Furniture: Ideas and Inspirations

Among the different furnishing styles, the modern rustic furnishing is probably the one that more than the others puts the finishing in the centre, making everything else take second place: the materials will in fact be the real protagonists of the space, since they will cover not only the furnishings but – above all – the structure of the house.

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Vat Restructuring House, What are the Applicable Rates?

Renovation of the house is a demanding decision, in every sense. For this reason it can certainly be of comfort to know that you can save something by taking advantage of the reduced VAT for the renovation of the house. For the expenses to be faced during the renovation, from the most invasive interventions to the simplest ones, the reduction of VAT is a benefit to be taken into account!

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Home Renovation 2019: Guide to Bonuses and Deductions

There is good news for those who want to renovate the house and especially for those who would like to contain a bit ‘expenses. The budget law 2019 in fact extended important tax deductions on the Irpef (personal income tax), for those who make expenses in work involving the installation of energy-saving systems and aimed at improving the building’s thermal insulation.

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