4 Smart Technologies That Make Your Home Smart

A smart home is a must have for those who want to enjoy maximum home comfort.

Remote control of your home, thanks to smart technologies designed to simplify our lives, is now very simple and affordable even for those unfamiliar with technology: you will be amazed at how easy it is to control your home directly from your smartphone or with simple commands given through a voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa and Google.

Controlling Energy Consumption

In a smart home you can become more aware of the energy consumption of your home and consequently reduce the cost of water, electricity and gas bills by using energy in an intelligent way: only when needed. Whether you’re at home or remotely, in a smart home you can monitor power loads at any time and take action if there are any anomalies.

Remote Management of Lights and Shutters

Conveniently from the sofa, or miles away from home, in your smart home you just need a click to control the opening and closing of the shutters through an app. If, for example, a sudden thunderstorm hangs over your home and you are away from home, you just need to access the app to quickly close all the shutters, wherever you are.

As far as lighting management is concerned, finding the right atmosphere for every room in the house and for every moment of the day will be child’s play. Are you waiting for friends for dinner? Set a predefined scenario for the occasion. Before going to bed, don’t worry about forgetting the lights on, set it to turn off with a single button and with one click: dark. You can also program the functions of lights and shutters at the same time, for a stress-free awakening.

Different Environments, Different Temperatures

The temperature of the different rooms of the house, in a smart home, can be modulated according to the preferences of its inhabitants, also varying from one room to another, to heat or cool with less intensity, for example, the rooms of the house less experienced. In this way, in winter you can start heating in the early afternoon only in the rooms of the house generally most lived, postponing the heating of the bedrooms by a few hours. In summer, however, if your return home after work is scheduled for example at 19, you can set the start of the air conditioner half an hour before your arrival, only in areas in which you like to find a little ‘cool immediately.

The Connected Video Door Phone

In a smart home you can even answer the door phone… without being at home! With an app you can see who’s intercombing you even while you’re at work. With a single click you can interact with your guests, open the front door of the house, make sure that it is the friend you are waiting for, maybe arrived a little early for the dinner you have organized. Or it could be the courier, who finally has the package you’ve been waiting for so long for you! Thanks to the video intercom connected you can open the door to make you leave the package in front of the door of the house, or divert it to the neighbors, already informed of the possibility of taking over in your place that package so important, until your return.

And you, are you ready to enjoy your smart home?

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